What kind of content will I get when I support you on Patreon?

I have designed My Patreon to reflect the varied interests of My audience, so you will find D/s content ranging from full-length erotica, to BDSM worksheets, exclusive audios, live events, and even fetish photos!
Go here to learn more about the exclusive Patreon benefits I offer!

Do you have a Discord?

Yes, I do! My private Discord server has over 100 exclusive members who support My work on Patreon! If you would like to connect with My community on over two-dozen Lifestyle-friendly channels, join My weekly live events, and access behind-the-scenes content, just go here to get instant access!

What do you offer in your "Dominant Training" sessions?

Every dynamic is different and every Dominant will be faced with a unique set of both challenges and rewards as they train, play, and maintain their power-exchange dyanmic. My Dominant Coaching sessions allow Me the opportunity to delve into My Dominant client's unique dynamic and offer paradigm-shifting insights, advice, and empowerment for radical unity, intimacy and passion as they grow and play in the BDSM Lifestyle.

These one-on-one sessions are held once-monthly on My Discord server via a private text-channel. In these 60-minute voice-chats, My clients receive customized guidance and advice for their unique dynamic and style of play! Go here to learn more!

A message to subs, beta males, and sissies...

I do not work with or train submissives. I do not offer online Domination, JOI, or any form of guidance for "self-domination."* I neither want nor need your submission, service, assistance or worship and I certainly do not desire to be your Keyholder or Degrader. I will never cam or create any pornographic content by request or otherwise, and I do not wish to give you the satisfaction of draining your wallet.

If you desire any of the aforementioned services, save yourself the time and fuck off; this is not the place for you. And if after reading all of this, you still attempt to contact Me for "training," My admin will list your email as spam, block you, and I will carry on with My day unaware you were ever here.

*P.S. You really want "self-domination"? It's called discipline and self-control. Lose the fucking entitlement. Stop watching porn. And treat women as the Queens you claim to view them as, versus fetish vending machines.

Can I support your content any other way?

Yes! I also receive donations via PayPal! GO HERE TO DONATE

Do you have a podcast?

Yes, you can find "The D/s Effect" podcast on Spotify, iTunes, Sounder.fm, and SoundCloud! I also record a live broadcast with My submissive every month called "Kitten Bytes," where we go behind-the-scene and discuss our dynamic! These private audio recordings are available exclusively on Patreon. Go here to start listening.