Confident Woman

“I’ve been a FemDom to several girls for about four years, and I have one Kajira. It’s very difficult and not many people understand. But my sessions with Ms. Elle have given me courage, insight, and shown me that I’m not a sexual deviant for being myself. She is amazing in every way.”


Headshot of Mid Adult Man

“Just did my first session with Ms. Elle and it was so helpful. Totally amazed how fast she was able to key in on the issues and then give very strategic and practical advice. I was able to put it to use that very night which ended being super amazing for me and my new partner in crime. Thank you! For those on the fence, you will not regret signing up!”


Loving Couple

“Working with Ms. Elle has been the best thing for me. After our first session, I was inspired to go to my Dominant and request a different dynamic. (He had always been into the Master/slave dynamic.) I mentioned that I'd like to try a different type of role and we settled on Daddy/kitten. It has honestly been the best thing for us. I feel so much more cared for and respected. But needed at the same time. And he feels more fulfilled and respected as well. I would have never had the courage to suggest this type of dynamic without working with Ms. Elle. She really is so inspiring and impactful. Thank you Ms. Elle for sharing your time and knowledge!”


woman 8

“I listened to Ms. Elle give a piece of advice for a girl on a live stream and it really got to me. My first online Dom treated me kind of poorly and of course I fell in love with him. But after talking to Ms. Elle, I realize it’s not Dom behavior, and it has made a real impact and difference. Thank you, Ms. Elle.”


Pretty Woman

"I almost left BDSM altogether when I became frustrated with vague Googled articles and seeing people post their Lifestyle but not know how to explain the beauty if one was curious. I decided to give BDSM one last chance when I came across Ms. Elle’s content. I’ve learned more from her in the last year than I have from people online in the past five to six years. Ms. Elle has explained things I wanted from this Lifestyle in ways I couldn’t think of to tell my Sir.  My Sir was hesitant at first too since he was new, but fell even more in love with the Lifestyle after I showed him Ms. Elle’s content. Ms. Elle has helped me form a unique bond with my Sir that could never be replicated with other people."



“I love Ms. Elle’s community because of the genuine love and acceptance I've received from everybody I have encountered here. I have never rushed to fit in and I have always been allowed to settle in at my own pace. This community is filled with amazing, like-minded kinky individuals who have all become family and everyone has been truly amazing. There are so many great kinky channels to explore your kinks with the community in a safe, judgment-free, and respectful way. I have never felt judged when I have asked a question about a kink whether it is my own or someone else's because we are all here to help each other grow and become better healthier people.”


Man with Beard

“Being a part of Ms. Elle’s community has given me an open, free and comfortable space to explore my interests and sexuality without fear of judgment or negativity. It's like a fun, cute, and caring family, that likes to play and be open about everything we want, feel and hope to discover. It has given me a massive increase in confidence, helped me find my soft dominant side. I feel... freed, from decades of oppression by my brain and traumas suffered as a child and young adult.”


Smiling Woman with Glasses

“I have been in the BDSM community for ten years and trying to share it with my new boyfriend. After finding Ms. Elle’s YouTube channel, I decided to contact her and I am so glad I did. She has helped me know how to approach my boyfriend and get to know his interests without overwhelming him with mine first. I think he’s also been taking tips and ideas from Ms. Elle’s books, which is lovely.”


Fashion Woman

“I contacted Ms. Elle to get a checklist for dating dudes, and working with her has helped so so much in regaining my trust in my own intuition, and I can now spot early signs for unhealthy character traits in men/humans. Coaching with Ms. Elle has given me trust and strength in myself. I think if anything goes wrong, I’d be able to handle the situation way better than before and still listen to my inner voice and make good decisions for myself. Thank you again!”


Man in Pink T-shirt

“After just one session, I was able to see how many mistakes and inactions I’ve made in my relationship. I am thankful to Ms. Elle for expressing her views in a way a man can learn from. She has opened my eyes. Highly recommend.”


Portrait with Rainbow Colors

"I found Ms Elle’s content while working on myself and trying to prevent falling back into codependent behaviour. I found hope, for things that I had given up on, specifically the idea of a (D/s) dynamic and parts of myself that I had tried to make go away. The information that Ms. Elle shares helped me to understand things I wasn’t aware of previously, and that I can prevent repeating the past because I know more.  This community has been amazing in that there has been nothing but acceptance and love from so many people. This isn’t something I’m used to but I feel lucky to have become a part of this community."


Woman Holding a Dog

"This has been the very first community that has not only helped me be more confident in myself as a little but also helped soothe my shame by being so accepting from the get go and continuing to do so. I’m so fortunate to have joined at the beginning of my interest in BDSM so I could learn about pseudo doms, consent, etc. I’m so proud to be a part of Ms Elle’s community and encourage others to join in."


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