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Magical Deserts




Exotic Urbanism




Misty Mountains




"Allows you to immerse yourself in each scenario."

- tee, united states -

"You feel like each story was written personally for you."

- rich, united states -

"These stories
are absolute fire!"

- ajtaylor, united states -

"You get drawn into the story as a participant which is utterly magnificent."

- graeme, scotland -

"The writing is brilliant and the detail is sexy as hell."

- olivia, united states -

"A wild adventure of
fantasy and learning."

- sarah, united states -

"The BEST portrayal of BDSM in erotica form I have read so far."

- lilly, united states -

"Very hot, very steamy and very sexy. Read it! Read it! Read it!"

- adozier, united states -

"These stories make you feel actually involved. Highly recommended!!!"

- cortney, united states -

"Ms. Elle is an amazing author! Her stories are so real!"

- lisa, united states -

"Love love love! Can't get enough of these stories!"

- char, canada -

"If you're into consent, love, and equal pleasure prepare to be amazed."

- thequeengummybear, us -

"Be prepared for a hot and sexy adventure with this one."

- pantherzack, united states -

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