"Ms. Elle is crazy sexy, but also comical, so her content captures my eye while making me laugh. She has shined a light on the subject of BDSM as fun and playful, even resourceful, for improving relationships instead of dark and dungeon-ish."


"Just five stories in and I already see how many mistakes and inactions I've made in my relationship. I want to thank Ms. Elle for expressing her views in a way a man can learn from; she's opened my eyes."


"Madame Elle is amazing. She has helped me reaffirm myself as a good Dom, be better at it, and has even helped me move into subbing for a few women that I feel comfortable enough with. She has made my journey easier to understand and has given me hope to reach new heights. She is so empowering; a sight to behold."


"Oh my, I feel like I hit a jackpot when I found Ms. Elle. She captures a true Dominant's feelings and actions like perfectly--I totally feel the emotion. Seriously, she is an excellent writer and it is absolutely a joy reading her work. I read her stories to my submissive as her aftercare and she absolutely loves it. Her words are like, well, our life--and that's just beautiful."  


"Ms. Elle's content is a great introduction to newbie curious vanillas. Her presentation is so classy that it takes away all the seedy stereotypes. When someone inquires what BDSM is all about, I just direct them to Ms. Elle's site and usually hear back quite soon after full of positivity." 


"In these divided and stressful times, I think folks could definitely do with better sex, both in quantity and quality. Ms. Elle is such a great role model for body and mind positive sexuality and kink, and always gives excellent advice."


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