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"Ms. Elle's content is a great introduction to kink for newbies and curious vanillas. Her presentation is so classy that it takes away all the seedy stereotypes."

- J. Ireland

"Ms. Elle is crazy sexy, but also comical, so her content captures my eye while making me laugh. She has shined a light on the subject of BDSM as fun and playful, even resourceful, for improving relationships instead of dark and dungeon-ish."

- R., United States

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About Ms. Elle X

Originally introduced to BDSM in 2004, Ms. Elle X has over seventeen years of research, education, and personal and professional experience in the BDSM Lifestyle from both sides of the switch.

With a passion for healthy, intimate connections Ms. Elle also earned a Relationship Coaching license in 2013 and has been helping singles, vanillas, and kink-friendly couples embrace and communicate their unique desires for almost ten years.

In 2017, Ms. Elle had a creative vision for revealing the intimate power of BDSM in a safe and non-threatening way, so every type of dynamic can find a taste of something they enjoy at the "kinky buffet," and that is how this platform was birthed.

Ms. Elle's passion for healthy, safe, and consensual connections is also evident in Ms. Elle's written work, Red Room Diaries, a revolutionary, non-comparative approach to BDSM erotica, designed to build intimacy as couples explore their kinky desires and fantasies together.

Elegant Man

"I joined Ms. Elle's Patreon after seeing some of her YouTube videos.  I have been engaged with BDSM off and on for over a decade (mostly off), and recently became very 'on' starting last year.


I have listened to a lot of people 'talk' BDSM but end up largely tuning out most of them as being focused on the overtly titillating aspects, or more focused on the mechanics.  My wife and I have found Ms. Elle's voice to be a very unique and refreshing change.  We genuinely appreciate her focus on the psychological aspects, which is why we play."

Patreon Member

Woman with Head Scarf

"When I discovered Ms. Elle's YouTube channel, I was mesmerized by the overwhelming passion in her voice when she spoke to her viewers with pet names. I melted at the sense of comfort and stability she created with every nurturing word.


Ms. Elle's regard for her viewer's safety was also astonishing to me; she has this beautiful, powerful, and direct way of communicating.  In one million years, I never would've guessed such a strong sense of security could be established within such a 'taboo' community."

YouTube Subscriber

Tattooed Woman

"I stumbled across her YouTube channel after years of healing from my abusive “dynamic” desperate to find someone who could show me what a healthy, safe and satisfying BDSM power exchange dynamic looked like.

Not only did I find all the information I needed, but I got more than I could have ever anticipated.


Ms. Elle has changed the way I looked at BDSM and power exchange dynamics, and I’ve also noticed a change in the way I see myself as a  submissive and a person."

Patreon Member

Smiling Man

"So many sources want to tell you how to use a toy, or how to act or dress. Ms. Elle's content focuses instead on the psychology of play.  My (newbie FemDom) wife saw not someone in leather, high heels, with a whip, an image in which she finds no interest, but instead a Dominant female like herself, helping her to understand ways of mentally approaching this.


Now, my wife is an "eager-to-participate vanilla" because she's seen and continues to experience the benefits of our kinky engagement."

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Blonde Man

"Being a part of Ms. Elle’s community has given me an open, free and comfortable space to explore my interests and sexuality without fear of judgment or negativity. It has given me a massive increase in confidence, helped me find my soft dominant side. I feel... freed, from decades of oppression."

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Lesbian Couple

"As a member of this community, I can say that you will not be disappointed. I joined in November 2020 and it was the best decision I ever made. It's loving, encouraging, shame-free, and just an overall wonderful place to be around like-minded people who genuinely care about you."

Patreon Member

Carefree Woman

"This has been the very first community that has not only helped me be more confident in myself as a little but also helped soothe my shame by being so accepting from the get-go and continuing to do so. I’m so fortunate to have joined at the beginning my interest in BDSM."

Patreon Member

man 5

"I love Ms. Elle’s community because of the genuine love and acceptance I've received from everybody here. I have never rushed to fit in and I have always been allowed to settle in at my own pace. This community is filled with amazing, like-minded kinky individuals who have all become family."

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