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With an overarching emphasis on the principles behind healthy connections, former Dominatrix turned Relationship Coach, Ms. Elle X, has built an international reputation as a dynamic thought leader, compelling communicator, and connection expert, specializing in conscious kink and healthy attachment, and bringing unique wisdom to Her global audience of over 100K diverse listeners every week.

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"Dominants! The key to successful sub training? Communicate this principle to Your submissive whenever there's entitlement, dishonor, disobedience, Topping from the bottom, etc. 'Your behavior is displeasing, and it will cost you what you want most' (play, subspace, etc.)."


"I joined Ms. Elle's Patreon/Discord after watching all of Her videos on YouTube. I had never connected with anyone I met or personally interacted with until I found Ms. Elle. She is an amazing woman and I am beyond grateful for the role that She holds in my life. She is a beautiful soul, a humble woman, an excellent confidant, a charismatic person, and so many other wonderful things. She has created a space for people to come together and feel safe and loved. She takes it a step further and educates others on ways to safeguard their confidence, autonomy, and well-being, even outside of a "scene" or dynamic."


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