Ms. Elle X brings a unique and powerful presence to Her BDSM education with both striking wisdom and disarming humor. Her experience as a ProDomme coupled with Her training as a Relationship Coach provides Ms. Elle with a highly developed intuition and empathetic perspective to sensitive subjects like BDSM and D/s dynamics, with relational connection and intimacy always as the goal. 


In BDSM play, limits and roles must be clearly defined before any kinky activities begin, revealing the reality of the BDSM structure: the D/s dynamic at the root of all BDSM play. And despite the common misconception, the roles of Dominance and submissive are not BDSM-exclusive, but natural energies and expressions that exist organically in every personality and relational dynamics. 


However, due to the prevalence of eroticized abuse labeled as BDSM in media, the beauty of The Lifestyle is often reduced to the most popular PornHub search and misrepresented as hateful and harmful acts against reluctant parties. That is why Ms. Elle always approaches Her BDSM education from a compassionate, consensual, and ethical perspective, with relational connection and healthy intimacy always as the goal.

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"I am a sub male who has been on the fringes of this Lifestyle for decades. Ms. Elle's content is amongst the wisest and most helpful I have seen in any media. She is a force for good in the world."

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"I love Ms. Elle's attitude and intelligent and enthusiastic way of conveying information in a non-condescending or intimidating manner, but rather a very entertaining style on subjects that most need accurate knowledge about."

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"Ms. Elle is amazing. Her content is extremely helpful. I have never realized my Dominant style until now, at 40. I thank Ms. Elle for what She's doing; it is very helpful."

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Receive customized guidance for your unique situation as a new or aspiring Dominant / FemDom, in a personal or professional role, such as...

  • How to identify your Dominant personality, style, and interests.

  • How to set up an online account for personal OR professional use.

  • How to attract the right submissive, and how to weed out the wrong ones!

  • How to communicate and set boundaries with prospective submissives.

  • How to build the confidence to initiate and lead a scene.

  • How to handle miscommunications and unforeseen events in a scene.

  • And more! This session is customized for you!

(Due to the time investment involved, Ms. Elle only accepts a limited number of students per month. Click here to join Her waiting list to hold your place in line!)

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"After our first session, I was blown away at how fast Ms. Elle was able to key in on the issues and then give very strategic and practical advice. I was able to put it to use that very night which ended up being super amazing for me and my partner in crime. For those on the fence, you will not regret signing up!"

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“Working with Ms. Elle has been the best thing for me. After my first session, I was inspired to go to my Dominant and request a different dynamic, and has honestly been the best thing for us. I feel so much more cared for and respected. But needed at the same time. And he feels more fulfilled and respected as well. Ms. Elle really is so inspiring and impactful. Thank you Ms. Elle for sharing your time and knowledge!”

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"I have been in the BDSM community for ten years and trying to share it with my new boyfriend. After finding Ms. Elle’s YouTube channel, I decided to contact her for coaching, and I am so glad I did. She has helped me know how to approach my boyfriend and get to know his interests without overwhelming him with mine first."

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Comparison is an intimacy and confidence killer. Yet comparison is the overwhelming element in standard adult entertainment, in which consumers are forced to face subconscious comparison in order to enjoy the content. That is why Ms. Elle decided to do something different.


In Her first three collections of published erotica (Red Room Diaries Vol. 1 - 3), Ms. Elle X has created a revolutionary brand of story-telling that gives readers an intense emotional and sexual experience, without adding the destructive elements of comparison through character names and extensive physical descriptions, providing a deeply erotic tool to help couples connect and explore their fantasies...together.

Discover why readers are raving about Red Room Diaries Volumes 1-3  here, and pick up your copy in eBook or print today to experience this orgasmic content for yourself!

If you're craving more kinky delights from Ms. Elle, join Her Patreon for full-length erotic stories and audio recordings, and behind-the-scenes content every month!

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"Red Room Diaries is a stunning collection that allows the reader to dive deep into their own psyche and allow the world that they read to be their own world; to allow the story that is told to become their own story."

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"Regardless of your kink or experience level, Ms. Elle X has a way of writing that brings the reader into feeling each story was written personally for them. I highly recommend Red Room Diaries and subscribing to Her social media; real topics and answers from a true professional and an amazing author."

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"Once I started reading I could not put it down! I cannot wait to read more from Red Room Diaries! Ms. Elle is an amazing author. I love the focus on the story and not the characters appearance."

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