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According to the time on my car’s dash, it is 6:43 pm—thirteen minutes past the time I committed to him, making this my third occurrence of the sort since we instated this protocol mere months ago. So, I do what any self-respecting submissive would do--I floor it. Then get paranoid, ease up, and check for cops. Then floor it again to get around a dated burgundy Toyota additionally contributing to my current infraction by driving exactly 17MPH under the speed limit. As I roll into the driveway, my heart practically stops when I see his car already parked in the garage. I check the clock on the dash once more, which reprimands me with a glaring "6:46" readout. With my purse and three large bags in hand, and already shaky from a heady mixture of excitement and nerves, it takes me what seems like ten minutes to open the door and greet my fate. I trot into the kitchen, toss my bags on the counter, and begin my search for him in his usual places...not in the office...not in the living room...not in the game room...not in the bedroom... My mind lands on a single remaining possibility as I trepidatiously make my way to the basement door. I slowly push open the heavy timber and find him resting in his leather chair, with a glass of whiskey in one hand and a cigar in the other. His tight black shirt hugs the muscles of his chest and shoulders and contrasts the crisp grey slacks and sleek belt with silver buckle deliciously well. However, Mr. Monochromes fails to even acknowledge my presence as I greet him with a soft and unsure, "Hey..." I'm thankful for the low and sultry melodies of classic jazz filling the room as his silence replies to me. "I'm sorry I'm a few minutes late..." I begin as I approach him. He exhales a puff of his cigar as his left wrist smoothly rises to his eye line, "Twenty-one minutes to be exact..."


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  • Owned

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  • Consequences

  • Pin-Up

  • Cargo


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