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“Are you going to be ready to leave in about ten minutes?” He inquires as he leans on the doorframe in his delicious navy suit. “Probably not,” I laugh. His chuckle is light as he shakes his head, “I should put you over my knee…” “Go for it—at least we’d be late because of you and you’ll stop bothering me while I’m trying to finish my makeup.” I peek at him in the reflection to find his amusement pushing his eyebrows up, making me giggle, “What, you can dish it out but you can’t take it?” His left-hand moves up to his mouth and slides down his chin as he continues to stare me down. I cannot help but giggle again from both playfulness and now slight nerves as he stands upright and nods toward my current seat, “Lift your robe and lay face-down across the bench.” My nerves bubble over into my reply, “I thought you didn’t want to be late…”He crosses his arms, “I don’t give a shit.” I drop my makeup brush and turn around to face him, “So it's okay for us to be late because of you, but not me?” I raise my brows, tilt my head, and cross my arms for added emphasis. His chin lifts, his arms uncoil, and he walks straight for me, grabbing my neck and pushing me down against the small, plush bench, tightening his grip as he leans into my ear, “You think you’re so tough, don’t you?” My breaths shallow as the pressure around my neck increases in tandem with the intensity of his threat, “You’re gonna regret this defiance, brat.” His strong grip combined with his body pressing down against mine renders me unable to move, but I push out as much air as I can in reply, “I doubt it…” My words seem to spark fire behind his eyes, as he pulls me up by the neck, with his left hand gripping a fistful of my hair for additional support. When I'm back to sitting, he releases his hands and takes a single step to the left of the bench, "Get on the floor." I coquettishly adjust my now tousled hair, "No thanks." His deep breath is obvious as he slides off his suit jacket. When his gaze returns to mine, I see the spark has become a full and roaring flame, "I will not tell you again." "Good. Saves us some time."


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