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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

The chime of my email notification alerts me to a new message, “Hello, I’m seeking your services because…” Excited by what seems to be the prospect of a new submissive, I redirect my attention to Gmail to continue the message, “Hello, I’m seeking your services because I am a Dominant with a new little. I have been in the lifestyle for a few years, and have had short-term subs, but never a relationship with a little. I was aware that littles typically required more attention, especially in a relationship, but I find myself in over my head. Having never been on the submissive side of the coin, I find it difficult to anticipate her needs and would like to simply experience what she experiences so I can better relate. I am available next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6 PM on. Let me know what works for your schedule. -JB” Finding my Dominance already ignited by his message, I don’t hesitate to reply, “JB, I will be happy to meet with you and your little next Wednesday at 6:30 PM.” Within moments, my email chimes again, “That won’t be necessary. She has no desire or capacity to top. See you then.” I chuckle at his attempt to maintain his Dominance with me, even now, “She joins you, or there is no session. Let me know by morning.” The morning was far too liberal of a timeline I discover, as he replies within less than two minutes, “This session isn’t for her. I’ll be coming alone.” I breathe deep to steady myself before my final attempt with him, “I didn’t say the session was for her. I said she will come with you, or there will not be a session at all. I do this to ensure full transparency and consent between partners. If you either cannot understand that, or take issue with that, do not waste my time further.” As I take a slow drink of water and grab my essential oils to quell my increasingly escalating Dominance, I hear the familiar chime once more, “Very well. We’ll see you on Wednesday at 6:30 PM.”


Three heavy knocks notify me that my Kajira has arrived at my dungeon.“You may enter,” I reply, triggering the slow opening of the heavy door. I stare directly in front of me as JB and his little enter behind my Kajira, and to my delight, I find them both fully dressed in their roles: a bespoke suit for him, with a cacophony of pastels and a stuffie for her, “Thank you, Kajira. Please wait outside."


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In the second installment of Red Room Diaries, I pull back the curtain on female Domination with seven new FemDom stories inspired by my time as a professional Dominatrix, revealing the intense eroticism of the female-led dynamic in both a professional and personal light.

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