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Bruno alerts me of her presence before I even hear the garage door rise upon her arrival. His quick and excited barks continue until she makes her way through the threshold as normal, but the uncharacteristic tone in which she greets the miniature beast serves as my clue that something is not quite right. The manner in which she drags herself into the kitchen reinforces my theory, but it is the unmistakable tiredness behind her eyes that offers concrete evidence to my assessment, “Hey sweetie…”

I know this look; I know this tone. This is a kind of exhaustion that begins in the heart and mind; an exhaustion so intense that it pushes its way into the body; an exhaustion that cannot be escaped or medicated, but a kind of exhaustion that requires release.

“Hey love,” I offer as I approach her with a warm embrace. After dropping her bags on the kitchen counter, she sinks into my chest.

I wrap my arms around her in response, gently stroking her back, “Is everything okay?”

Her “no” is muffled as her head remains buried against me.

“What happened?”

She lifts her gaze, and her near lifeless eyes find mine, “Just…” she begins with a sigh, “…just a lot of intense cases today…” She shakes her head, obviously forcing down her emotion, “I know I signed up for it, but I just don’t know what the fuck is wrong with people sometimes…”

“What can I do to help?”

Her head falls back against my chest, and after a long, deep breath, her words find their way to me, “Nothing…I just need to be done with this day.”

I pull back from her just enough so I can take her face in my hands, “Today is over. You’re not doctor anything tonight. You’re mine.”

“Thank you,” she mouths as I kiss her forehead.

“Are you hungry?”

“Starving actually.”

“Then why don’t you go hop in the shower while I grab some leftovers and wine?”

“Bless you,” she replies with a small smirk.

I lean down and slowly wrap her lips up in mine, and when I pull away, I find her eyes closed, as though still lost in my breath. I whisper against her lips, “Go. And return in your black robe.”


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