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Fire & Ice

My knuckles make contact with the heavy timber three times before I sink to my knees and anticipate his reply. Although this is our standard protocol twice a week, I still find myself overwhelmed with nerves every time I wait in naked silence for him to lead me into his domain.

The slight creak of the door makes my heart pound, but it is the fact that in my surrender, I must look upon his feet before I may look upon his face, which deeply stirs me.

"Good evening, my dear."

His smooth voice hovers above me and chills run up my spine as my first words greet him, "Good evening, Sir."

He crouches in nothing but his black linen pants and lifts my chin for an intense kiss.

"Follow me," he whispers against my lips before rising and offering his hand as assistance. As he leads me to the large four-poster bed to the left of the door, I cannot help but notice the arrangement waiting for me.

A variety of white candles consume a large portion of both side-tables while a white towel drapes over the large wedge in the middle of the bed. As I get closer, I also notice a cuff attached to each four of the bedposts.

"Lay on your back with your ass on the highest point on the wedge."

"Yes, Sir."

As I crawl into position, my eyes take a quick inventory of a few additional items on the side-table: a long, skinny, candle with the wick still in perfect condition, a small knife, a stainless steel travel mug, and an unfamiliar vile of something mysterious.

"What's in the bottle?"

"Have I ever indulged your curiosity?" His tone is just as curt as his reply was quick.

"No, Sir," I begin as I settle onto the wedge, "I'm sorry."

"Thank you. Now, what kind of thought was that?" He secures my left wrist to the first cuff.

"Proactive, Sir."

"We've discussed this; what kind of thoughts are you allowed to have in here?" He begins as he approaches my left ankle.

"Reactive, Sir."

The soft fur closes around my ankle as he tightens the buckle, "Very good."

He proceeds to fasten my right limbs in silence, leaving my thoughts to focus on his occasional glances and confident smirks as he completes his task.

"Now wiggle."

My head pops off the bed, "What?"

"Try to wiggle around."

My limbs are extended to the point of a slight stretch, limiting my movements to only small teeters of my shoulders and chest.

"Perfect," he begins as he climbs on top of me, straddling my chest and consuming my frame of view, "Are you ready to be my good, little canvas?"


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