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The tension in his voice matches the strain of the chain leading me by the neck to his chair, “I hope it was worth it, little one.”

I scan the room for cues, but the only prepared equipment I see as we reach his leather throne are the largest butt plug and vial of oil on the small table to the right of his chair.

When we arrive, he offers only one word, “Down.”

I instantly drop to my knees, and he loops the leash around the front left leg of the chair before heading to the door.  My blood pulses harder beneath my heated skin when the sound of the lock echoes through the room—the ominous sound of my submission. 

He walks back to me without any rush, unwraps the leash, and tugs me up toward him without saying a word. When my torso rests against the front of the chair, his statement is simple, “You were completely out of line to disrespect me like that.”

Both my gaze and voice fall to the floor, “I’m so sorry, Daddy…I know that now…”

“Look at me.” Only when his eyes can once again invade mine, does he continue, “I forgive you, babygirl. But your misconduct still needs to be addressed.”

“Yes Daddy, I understand. I trust you to guide me.”

I watch his eyes turn from ice to fire, “Very good girl. That’s exactly what Daddy wants to hear.”

A shy smile blushes my cheeks as I bow my head in reply, and I feel the weight of his gaze upon me as he keeps me there in silent wait. As my mind begins to still in his presence, his voice penetrates the silence, “Stand and face me. Good girl. Now give me your panties.”

The slight wetness on the delicate fabric makes me shy as I hand them to him. He notices instantly, and strokes them as he speaks, “Are you a wet little girl just thinking about Daddy punishing you?”

His words round my shoulders and push my hands sheepishly in front of me while my already flushed cheeks become rosier, and I look around the room at all kinds of interesting things that need my immediate attention. 

He clears his throat and my focus returns to him, “If you’re not going to answer me, I’ll have to see for myself. Turn around.” His words send chills down my spine as they hit the back of my neck, “Come closer.”

I step backward until I feel the cool strip of leather against the back of my legs.

“There we go. Now pull up your dress.”

Once I do so, he taps between my thighs until I widen them to match the legs of his chair, “Good girl. Now bend over and grab your ankles.”


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