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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

The sharp claw of my index finger pushes his chin back up, "Did you hear me, slave?" 

His eyes jump at the marked sternness of my tone, "Yes My Queen. I'm sorry for not responding. Thank you. You treat your chattel so well.”

The devilish smirk which manifests on my sculpted ruby lips combined with the slight pique in my right eyebrow indicates my pleasure with his answer. The way my fingers wrap around his throat to pull him in for a slow, intense kiss leaves no doubt.

As I gently push him away to recline in my throne, I notice the growing bulge in his slacks, "Is my slave aroused already?"

"Yes, My Queen," he replies with flushed cheeks, "I cannot resist being roused by your beauty and passion. I worship you."

I casually retrieve my chosen head hood from the small table to my right, "Does a chair know how to worship?"

His voice carries a hint of confusion with it, “No…”

“What about a footstool?" I begin, gracefully placing the hood in my lap, "Can it worship?"

"No, My Queen…”

"And what about a toy?" I continue, gently stroking the leather hood with the sharp tips of my deep red nails, "Is such an inanimate object capable of worship?"

His eyes can no longer resist the power of my gaze, and his head drops, "No, my Queen...“

My voice intensifies as I lean forward to grab a fistful of his hair to redirect his vision to me, "Then neither are you, chattel. Worship is a privilege. Tonight, you're my property and nothing more," I continue, caressing his cheeks and lips with the chosen head hood, "Your only purpose is to serve; be used. All other desires and entitlements will be relinquished to me. Understood?"

His eager, needy eyes fill me with a rush of pleasure, matched only by his words, "I will gladly give up everything to serve you, my Queen. You own me completely and it is my joy and privilege to be reduced to chattel for your use."

I release his hair, my Dominance disallowing me to be wooed by his adoring prose, "Such lovely words...but are they empty?"

"No, never, my Queen. I will do anything to prove my words to you."

"Then I’ll be requiring your clothes,” I lean back in my opulent seat, casually crossing my legs, and resting my arms on the provided supports as I watch him obey, “Objects do not wear clothes, and that’s all you are, isn’t it?”


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