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I lead her into the grassy patch just outside the restaurant, “Hand me your purse.” "Can we go somewhere more private, Sir...?" I scoff, "Not a fan of public humiliation, huh?" Her head drops, "I'm so sorry, Sir...I-I wasn't thinking..." "Hand. Me. Your. Purse." She does so without protest, despite the high-traffic location of my choosing. “Remove your jewelry,” I continue as patrons pass us on the sidewalk. Even with head down, her flushed cheeks are noticeable as she attempts to remove her bracelet, earrings, and necklace as subtly as possible. I open her clutch and nod for her to drop them in, to which she obeys. “Now your shoes.” “Sir...please...” she whispers, nervously looking around at the passersby. I lean into her ear, “I will not say it again.” When I pull back, her eyes are wide and her cheeks flushed with embarrassment as she slowly steps out of her red-bottoms and hands them to me with head down. I situate all of her belongings as I offer her next instruction, “You will follow behind me to the car. I want your elbows locked and both arms fully extended as you hold on to my rear belt loop with both index fingers. Understand?” If it weren’t for the remaining coals in my veins at her obnoxious disrespect at dinner, I would have found the surprise in her eyes adorable and arousing, but now it simply propels me deeper into the intensity of my Domspace as she reaffirms her consent with a simple, "Yes, Sir." As we journey to the parking garage, I am hit with a wide spectrum of expressions from curious pedestrians passing us, but the arousing satisfaction surging through me comes from the fact that the same sets of eyes will look upon her, forcing her to taste her own medicine. I stay silent until we arrive at the rear of the car, "Release." In a moment, her downtrodden face emerges to my right as I pop open the trunk and place her things inside, "You will sit silently in the back seat with head down and palms up on your thighs, understood?"


If you enjoyed this sample of "Cargo," you'll love my first installment of erotica, Red Room Diaries, now available in eBook and print exclusively on Amazon! This six-story collection features some of my most popular (and hottest!) erotic stories, including...

  • Owned

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  • Fire & Ice

  • Consequences

  • Pin-Up

  • Cargo


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