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The Perfect Guest for Your Podcast or Video

As an incredibly rare INFJ/E-8, Ms. Elle X brings a unique and powerful presence to Her subject matter with both striking wisdom and disarming humor. Her experience as a ProDomme coupled with Her training as a Relationship Coach provides Ms. Elle with a highly developed intuition and empathetic perspective to sensitive subjects like BDSM and D/s dynamics, with relational connection and intimacy always as the goal. Your audience will feel heard, understood, and radically empowered in their relationships and sexualities with the paradigm-shifting perspectives Ms. Elle provides.

Ms. Elle's Talking Points...

  • Compliance vs. Healthy Leadership

  • Vanilla Conditioning & BDSM Introduction

  • Negotiation of Boundaries and Limits

  • Soft / Sensual Domination

  • FemDom / Matriarchy / Feminism

  • Lifestyle Dominance / FLR

  • Psychology of D/s Dynamics

  • Submissive Training & Behavior Modification

  • Dominant / FemDom Coaching

Ms. Elle's Rant-Worthy Topics...

  • How to overcome years of guilt, shame, and "vanilla conditioning."

  • How to define authentic consent and submission versus compliance.

  • How to introduce a new partner to BDSM…without scaring them off.

  • How to use BDSM as a healthy way to connect with your partner.

  • How to determine a healthy Dominant from a potential abuser.

  • How to win submission through inducement and seduction.

  • How the roles of Dominant and submissive manifest in natural personality.

  • How to determine the D/s personalities and roles in any relationship.

  • How to be a powerful and effective soft-Dominant or Caregiver.

  • How to plan and execute your first (or new) BDSM scene or playtime.

  • How to foster the necessary environment of safety and trust to start BDSM.

  • How to properly win devotion, incentivize, and train a submissive.

How You and Your Project Will Benefit...

  • Enjoy an insightful and entertaining conversation or content from Ms. Elle X, designed specifically with you in mind.

  • As a busy entrepreneur and creator, relish the rare opportunity to relax, knowing your content will reach an audience of near 40,000 eager listeners, readers, followers, and subscribers!

  • A highlight from your collaboration with Ms. Elle will be posted on Her rapidly-growing YouTube channel after it’s released. (22K subscribers)

  • A clip from or marketing post about your collaboration with Ms. Elle will be posted on Her Instagram with a link after it's released. (17.5K followers)

  • An email promotion sharing a link to your collaboration with Ms. Elle will be sent to Her mailing list with a link after it's released. (1.5K subscribers)

  • A tweet and shoutout about your collaboration with Ms. Elle will be posted to Her growing Twitter with a link after it's released. (400 followers)

Ms. Elle's Biography

Ms. Elle X is a Lifestyle Domme, BDSM Educator, Dominant Trainer, and Licensed Relationship Coach (2013) with a unique and profound gift for revealing the connective and intimate power of the BDSM Lifestyle in a safe and non-threatening way, so every couple and dynamic can find a taste of something they enjoy in the "kinky buffet."

As an INFJ/E-8, Ms. Elle's unique insight is so rare that many of Her submissives, Dominant trainee's, and coaching clients have labeled Her remarkable ability to "see into" a situation and offer life-changing guidance as "creepy good," and consider Her highly developed intuition and empathy to be on the same plane as "claircognizance," profoundly impacting Her international audience of listeners, readers, subscribers, and students.

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