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6 Companion Videos: Access sixty-minutes of video content covering the top five most desired Dominant traits with practical action steps!

6 Content Downloads: Dive deep into twenty-two pages of customizable worksheets and downloads, including...

• Submissive Sentiments: Gain invaluable insights into the desires of submissives as they share their inner most thoughts in their own words.

• Personal Development Strategies for Dominants: Unlock the secrets to mastering Dominance with twenty-five practical action steps tailored to elevate your skills in the top five areas of Domination.

• Defining Submissive Desires: Explore the core of submission
with a comprehensive breakdown of the top twenty most common desires, meticulously defined by submissives.

• A Dom's Guide to Tackling Trauma Triggers: Arm yourself with nine actionable steps to navigate trauma triggers with confidence, ensuring a safe and fulfilling journey for you and your sub.

• A Dom's Guide to Deepen Submissive Devotion: Cultivate
profound devotion and obedience with nine expert strategies designed to strengthen the bond between Dominant and submissive.

Bratting Boundaries Worksheet: Master the art of setting
and communicating boundaries surrounding bratting within your dynamic, fostering harmony and understanding.


5 Companion Videos: Access over forty minutes of video content covering everything you need to know about handling and taming a bratty submissive!


6 Content Downloads: Dive deep into twenty-six pages of customizable worksheets and downloads, including...

  • Bratting Decision Tree: Navigate through challenging scenarios with ease and precision using our comprehensive decision-making tool.

  • Bratting Methodology Chart: Gain clarity and structure in your approach to brat taming with our detailed methodology chart.

  • Bratting Boundaries Worksheet: Establish firm and clear boundaries to ensure a harmonious and respectful dynamic between Dominant and sub.

  • BDSM Contract Template: Create a customized contract that outlines expectations, boundaries, and consequences, fostering trust and accountability.

  • Submissive Punishment Guide: Discover effective and consensual punishment techniques to address bratty behavior and reinforce discipline.

  • Training Techniques for a High-Value Sub: Unlock your sub's potential with proven training methods designed to cultivate obedience, respect, and devotion.


8 Companion Videos: Access almost ninety minutes of carefully crafted video content with powerful insights into effective submissive training techniques!

8 Content Downloads: Dive deep into over thirty pages of customizable worksheets and downloads, including...

  • BDSM Contract Template

  • Submissive Reward Guide

  • Submissive Punishment Guide

  • Submissive Training Guide: From communication to protocol training, this guide covers all aspects of submissive development.

  • 50 Training Techniques for a High-Value Sub: Unlock the full potential of your submissive and mold them into the devoted lover of your dreams!

  • A Dom's Guide to Deepen Devotion: From building trust to fostering intimacy, this guide offers practical advice for cultivating a strong and lasting dynamic.

  • A Dom's Guide to Tackling Trauma Triggers: Navigate sensitive issues with grace and understanding using these practical steps.

  • Dog-Training Techniques for Behavior Modification: Borrow from proven methods of behavior modification to shape your submissive's behavior with precision and effectiveness.


7 Companion Videos: Access sixty minutes of captivating companion videos to maximize submissive development!


5 Content Downloads: Dive deep into over thirty pages of customizable worksheets and downloads, including...


  • 50 Training Techniques for a High-Value Sub: Elevate your training regimen with a comprehensive collection of proven methods designed to unlock your full potential.

  • Submissive Self-Training Guide: Take control of your growth and development with empowering strategies tailored to enhance your journey.

  • Humiliation Play Ideas: Explore the thrilling dynamics of humiliation play in a safe, consensual, and exhilarating manner.

  • Submissive Punishment Guide: Embrace discipline with grace and intention using compassionate methods for correction.

  • Submissive Reward Guide: Fuel your motivation and reinforce positive behaviors with thoughtful and fulfilling rewards.

  • BDSM Contract Template: Establish clear boundaries, expectations, and desires with a customizable contract template, laying the foundation for a fulfilling dynamic.


6 Companion Videos: Access forty-five minutes of video content with practical ideas for keeping D/s going at a distance!

  • 10 Keys to an Amazing Long-Distance Dynamic (10:00)

  • How a Chastity Sub Can Serve Long-Distance (9:00)

  • How to Be an Excellent Long-Distance Dominant (7:00)

  • How to Deal with Loneliness in a LD Poly Dynamic (11:00)

  • Ideas for long-Distance Aftercare (4:00)

  • How to Manage a D/s Dynamic from a Distance (7:00)



3 Content Downloads: With nine pages of tailored resources, this bundle is your key to maintaining intimacy and excitement in your long-distance dynamic!

  • BDSM Movie Guide: Immerse yourselves in the world of cinematic kink with our curated selection of films designed to create connection and inspire your distance play.

  • 30 Long Distance BDSM Rituals: Strengthen your bond and infuse your relationship with excitement using our collection of rituals designed specifically for long-distance dynamics.

  • The Question” (BDSM Erotica) Ignite your creativity and passion with a full-length erotic story written by Ms. Elle X.


6 Companion Videos: Access over sixty minutes of captivating video content that will offer a safe and non-threatening introduction to BDSM and kink!


7 Content Downloads: Dive deep into over thirty pages of customizable worksheets and downloads, including...

  • BDSM Personality Guide: Gain valuable insights into your unique BDSM personality and preferences with this guide!

  • BDSM Dictionary: Expand your understanding of terminology and concepts so you can navigate the kinky buffet with confidence!

  • Kink Checklist: This comprehensive checklist has been designed to help you identify your interests and boundaries, regardless of your experience level.

  • BDSM Contract Template: Establish clear expectations, boundaries, and desires with our customizable template!

  • Submissive Training Guide: Learn the art of submissive training with our expert guidance and techniques.

  • Submissive Reward Ideas: Discover creative and meaningful ways to reward desired behavior and reinforce positive dynamics.

  • Submissive Punishment Guide: Navigate challenges and maintain discipline with our compassionate and effective punishment techniques.


4 Companion Videos: Access over sixty minutes of carefully crafted videos that will empower and encourage feminine pleasure!


4 Content Downloads: Meticulously crafted to unlock the full spectrum of feminine sensuality, this bundle is your gateway to discovering new levels of pleasure and

intimacy, including a printable board game and nine pages of tailored resources...

  • “Subtle Seduction” Board Game: Embark on a tantalizing journey of seduction and exploration with our interactive board game, designed to spark intimacy and connection in your relationship.

  • Visual Yoni Massage Guide: Immerse yourself in the art of sensual touch and connection with our expertly illustrated guide to Yoni massage, designed to awaken your senses and enhance your pleasure.

  • 30+ Female Seduction Strategies: Elevate your seduction game with our comprehensive collection of strategies tailored to unleash your inner goddess and captivate your partner's desires.

  • Romantic BDSM Scene Ideas: Explore the depths of desire and intimacy with our curated collection of romantic BDSM scene ideas, perfect for adding a touch of spice to your erotic adventures.


5 Companion Videos: Access almost sixty minutes of festively freaky videos that will help you keep things nice and hot this holiday season!


5 Content Downloads: Step into a world where holiday cheer meets unabashed desire and immerse yourself in the festive spirit with these tantalizing pleasures...

  • “Christmas Dinner” (BDSM Erotica) Let your imagination run wild as you journey through the pages of Ms. Elle’s steamy tale, set against the backdrop of a festive holiday feast...with unsuspecting family!

  • “Christmas Dinner” (Audio Recording) Close your eyes and lose yourself in the sultry tones of our immersive audio recording of Ms. Elle’s holiday themed erotic story!

  • Holiday Spankalong Game: Explore your playful side as you engage in tantalizing fun with your partner, creating unforgettable memories and forging deeper connections.

  • Littlespace Holiday Guide: With forty festive ideas for you and your adult little to enjoy, this guide covers an extensive list of at home, in public, and service inspired holiday fun!

  • Holiday Inspired Scene Prompts: 'Tis this season to twist your favorite holiday tunes into something that can inspire your BDSM play with these twelve holiday-inspired scene prompts!


"I joined Ms. Elle's Patreon/Discord after watching all of Her videos on YouTube. I had never connected with anyone I met or personally interacted with until I found Ms. Elle. She is an amazing woman and I am beyond grateful for the role that She holds in my life. She is a beautiful soul, a humble woman, an excellent confidant, a charismatic person, and so many other wonderful things. She has created a space for people to come together and feel safe and loved. She takes it a step further and educates others on ways to safeguard their confidence, autonomy, and well-being, even outside of a "scene" or dynamic."


"Dominants! The key to successful sub training? Communicate this principle to Your submissive whenever there's entitlement, dishonor, disobedience, Topping from the bottom, etc. 'Your behavior is displeasing, and it will cost you what you want most' (play, subspace, etc.)."

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