D/s Psychology

It is a common misconception that the consensual power-exchange relationship (often referred to as D/s) is a facet of BDSM play. In reality, roles and limits must be clearly defined before any kinky play begins.


This means that the D/s dynamic is not just the foundation of BDSM, but it is truly the natural relational dynamic that manifests organically in every human interaction. That is the basis behind Ms. Elle's work as an Intimacy Coach and BDSM Educator-to show that "vanilla" is simply the personal or relational state in which those natural roles have not been identified or exploited.

Non-Comparative Erotica

Comparison is a confidence killer. And insecure people don't typically want to get naked and kinky...which is a problem if you want to get naked and kinky.


That is why as an Erotica Author specializing in BDSM, Ms. Elle X has created a revolutionary brand of story-telling that gives readers an intense emotional and sexual experience, without adding the destructive elements of comparison through character names and extensive physical descriptions. This allows singles and couples alike to explore their fantasies in a safe and healthy way.

Ethical BDSM

Narcissists and sociopaths are not Dominants. Stockholm Syndrome is not BDSM. And consent isn't just sexy; it's mandatory.

However, due to the prevalence of eroticized abuse labeled as BDSM in media, (watch Ms. Elle's reviews of 50 Shades of Grey & 365 Days) the beauty of The Lifestyle is often reduced to the most popular PornHub search and misrepresented as hateful and harmful acts against reluctant parties.

That is why Ms. Elle approaches her BDSM content from a compassionate, consensual, and ethical perspective.

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